This training requires you to be advanced in classic lashes and deeply experienced in volume artistry. If you have obtained previous trainings with us, this will be a huge advantage for you as Volume Pro training do not cover much of repetition but continuation of my techniques and knowledge based on previous courses.

You’ll learn the difference between lash diameters and how to combine them in a set but also how choose weight to the length and thickness of natural lashes in different stages of their growth.

You will understand how to work with your glue in different environments and conditions, therefore you will master the difference between the amount of volume chosen for application and the amount and drying time of your glue. You will know how to recognise the reasons of bad retention and how to communicate with your client about it.

You will learn to talk with your clients and recognise health issues and when you must say no to performing an application.

I’ll teach you my very own set up for work and advanced taping methods that will help you master volume and mega volume principals. You will learn my most advanced tricks and method including lashing-out systems for easier and time effective work that havent been represented in my previous trainings.

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Included in the course:
  • Κit
  • Manual and practice sheets
  • Live model practice
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Lunch, coffee, snacks
10:00  - 19:00  
1-day private training: 699 Euro

We want you to succeed in lashing and get the best out of your education with us. Our training programs are connected with each other yet deliver different level of knowledge in each of them, therefore we need specific information about education and experience you already have obtained, so that you don’t miss out on information and we can prepare your training individually to your need for the best learning experience.

Participation in the training is only possible after verifying your level of proficiency. Remember to attach the most recent photos of your work.

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