Hi. My name is Magdalena and I stand behind a community and every single lash artist who has ambitions and want to become better version of themselves. Before ilashArtis was born in Greece December 2018, I followed a dream all the way from Norway, to create a space, where every lash artist can receive support, inspiration and can feel to be a part of the family that only lift each other up.

That dream followed creating my own products, because I'm obsessed with working on the best tools on the market and creating solutions that will help artists in the process of easier learning and performing eyelashes and eyebrows on the highest international standards.

During 10 years of experience in the lash industry I have developed my signature learning systems showcased in my courses. I can teach you how to become the best and appreciated in the lash industry if you promise to work as hard.

ilashArtis represent strong values in helping each and every single artist equally. Lead by "Collaboration over Competition", the online store also distribute the best quality products from other worldwide and successful brands from United Kingdom, Russia and Africa. We are here to make a change, together.

My and ilashArtis mission is to encourage you to believe you are worthy and powerful to achieve anything you want in your life. I can help you build successful business and quality life.