Hi. My name is Magdalena and I am obsessively working on being present in this beautiful life. I am Polish, raised in Norway and currently living on Rhodes Island, Greece with the love of my life and our four animals of which three were rescued from the streets. I am spending most of my free time rescuing and providing help to homeless animals and constantly learning how to improve my healthy lifestyle.

I am an eyelash extension, permanent make-up artist, and educator with 11 years of experience, teaching women to overcome limitations and build the life of their dreams while becoming economically independent. I burn for kind people, generosity, and personal growth which I hope to inspire you with.

I've been sharing my work and life on Instagram more actively after moving to Greece in 2018, but long before that, I've been building a community where industry artists can find tons of inspiration and knowledge from the experience I share for free on social media and my blog.

My goal with the ilashArtis brand is to represent strong values in helping artists from all corners of the world. Providing quality services depends solely on quality products in combination with outstanding skills. Lead by "Collaboration over Competition", along with my own products, my online store distributes the best quality products from other international and successful brands from the United Kingdom, Russia, and Africa, making it possible to shop the best quality from one place.