Greetings, I am Magdalena, committed to embracing the richness of life's experiences. Hailing from Poland, raised in Norway, and currently residing on Rhodes Island, Greece, alongside my cherished partner and our four animals, three of whom found refuge in our care after being rescued from the streets.

My passion extends to dedicating much of my leisure time to the rescue and support of homeless animals, while continuously striving to enhance my well-being.

As an eyelash extension and permanent makeup artist, as well as an educator boasting 12 years of expertise, my mission is to empower women to unlimited self confidence, transcend boundaries and realize their aspirations, fostering economic independence along the way. I am driven by a fervent admiration for compassion, generosity, and personal development.

Since relocating to Greece in 2018, I have intensified my presence on Instagram, sharing glimpses of both my professional endeavors and personal journey. However, well before moving my entire life to Greece, I have cultivated a thriving community wherein industry professionals glean abundant inspiration and knowledge from the insights I freely share across social media platforms and my blog.

With the ilashArtis brand, my aim is to embody unwavering principles centered on supporting artists globally. The cornerstone of delivering exceptional services lies in the fusion of premium products and impeccable skills.
Guided by the ethos of "Collaboration over Competition," my online store not only offers my proprietary line but also curates top-tier offerings from esteemed international brands hailing from the United Kingdom, Poland and South Africa. This unified platform ensures access to the finest quality products, fostering a culture of collaboration and excellence within the industry.