Eyelash Extensions Rhodes | Ilashartis Profesional Lash Studio


Professional eyelash extensions and brow services applied by experienced artists will allow you to get the experience of unique and customized results. Eyelash sets applied by our artists will make sure your natural lashes grow healthy and strong with our extensions on.

Refills should take place within 2 weeks of last appointment for classic eyelashes and 3 weeks for volume & mega volume eyelash extensions, because natural lashes grow in three cycles/fases and they fall out naturally, together with extensions. Those lashes that grew with extensions more than 1.5 mm from the eyelid but still stay on, must be removed and replaced with new, attached closer to the eyelid, in order to keep natural lashes healthy. Every 3rd or 4rd appointment, eyelash extensions must be removed completely for hygienic and health reasons. Eyelid must be cleansed properly and natural lashes must be analysed for further weight application in order to stay strong and healthy.

βλεφαρίδες ρόδος εξτένσιον βλεφαρίδες ρόδος